Dear Mom I Love You
Dear Mom I Love You
Dear Mom I Love You
Dear Mom I Love You
Dear Mom I Love You

Dear Mom I Love You

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- DEAR MOM I LOVE YOU - She'll keep (and love) this Mother's Day gift for a lifetime! This pot is a crisp white and the lettering is black making a classic aesthetic that will shine bright & blend in with in any decor. Add some color via a pretty plant and this is guaranteed to be a gift she'll love.


--  If you'd like to add a matching ceramic saucer please select that option when ordering and we'll include one for just $5 more.

-- All Knox Pots are suitable for use indoors and out & have a drainage hole.

Now available in our 4" Pot Size:

- 4" Pot -

Top Diameter = 4.25"

Bottom Diameter = 2.375"

Total Height = 3.95"

- notes -

Designed by Knox Pots.

Packaged carefully by hand in our Austin, Texas studio.

Messaging seen on the pots is made using an applique, they are not painted on. **


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